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BioTop 160gr

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BIO TOP 3® extra

BIO TOP 3® extra is the premium off-white paper choice for sustainable paper solutions in the office environment. Produced totally chlorine free bleached (TCF) without any optical brightening agents (OBAs), the paper retains a natural uncoated feel with an off-white shade, ensuring your stylish appearance.

BIO TOP 3® extra is extremely versatile and meets the highest requirements: it combines an elegant look with an extensive environmental profile.


Suitable for laser and inkjet printing machines, copier, faxWide assortment – for your comprehensive communicationExcellent colour reproduction, especially of warm colour tones (e.g. red)Differentiation by unique off-white shade, pleasant to touch and comfortable for readingTCF (totally chlorine free) bleached with no optical brightening agents (OBA free), ideal for OCR (optical character recognition) applications and excellent for long-term archiveabilityImpressive environmental profileLife Span Analysis DIN 6738Recyclable & Biodegradable


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