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Cromático Indigo Blauw

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Cromático, -ca. is a mass-dyed coloured translucent paper. Coloured tracing paper was not invented until the end of the twentieth century. Just imagine! If Ieoh Ming Pei had been able to design his pyramid on a sheet of Indigo tracing paper, the majestic tetrahedron would have been a sapphire glittering in the courtyard of the Louvre. Transparency and colour are indissociable. Water is transparent and yet the sea is blue, turquoise or green. The air is transparent and yet the sky is blue, grey or orange and red. And what would stained glass be without brightly coloured glass? Translucent or diaphanous, Cromático plays marvellously with see-through or layered effects, suggesting without showing, opening up an infinite third dimension for the imagination to explore. Long live transparency. Long live vivid colours

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