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Gekleured Papier Trophée Roze A4/A3

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Are you looking for a range of coloured papers to suit all of your printing needs ? Looking for a range that carries all of those tough to find colours ? If that is the case you need to be taking a serious look at our range of Trophee colours.

The “Trophee” range carried by special Equipment Paper is one of the most extensive colour ranges carried in Australia. Available in a staggering range of 37 colors (New Colours Steel Grey, Wild Rose and Billiard Green have been recently introduced).

Trophee features an incredible 20 colours in our discounted Pastel range as opposed to most competitors who offer 5 or 6 Pastel shades. With Trophee you will find colours such as Orange, Wild Rose, Daffodil, Lavender, Lilac, Peach and Caramel are considered as PASTELS (whereas most competitors consider these to be Bright colours which sell at higher prices) Talk about a great way to save money on your colorued paper

“Trophee” is produced by the Clairefontaine mill in France. “Trophee” is manufactured to the following strict environmental standards

100% FSC Forest Stewardship Council pulps

ISO 9706 – archival for min. 200 years
ISO 14001 – environmental credential.

Trophee is Acid free, Lignin Free and boasts a PH level of 8

The Clairefontaine mill utilizes natural gas to create steam – no CO2 emissions come from this power source

Trophee is available in 80 GSM, 120 GSM, 160 GSM and recently added 210 GSM Sheet sizes include A4, A3, 450 x 640 and 650 x 920 (Other sizes cut upon request)

Trophee is suitable for offset applications as well as copiers, laser printers and inkjet applications.