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Paper for a Greener Future

Papier hier was founded and is fueled by shared ethical beliefs,located in the kinkerstraat in Amsterdam,

We supply 100 percent recycled paper, friendly environment paper and art supplies in all forms and sizes, we specialize in working together with our clients achieving custom made product satisfaction.

A grassroots attitude towards our work and values has ensured smiles on our clients and indeed our team members faces.

Our sister shop is located next door “Orange Copy House” offers all professional designs and prints, together our small family delivers and prints the love and attention to detail ensuring full satisfaction

on practical completion “putting your thoughts onto paper” !

We are both grateful and happy to share our “ bigger picture” the motives behind our meaning.

“On paper” it's believed that we are participating in a project based on trade designed to make money which and it's fair to presume, would be pumped back into a financially driven society, gathering dust in a bank whose manager we have never met.

Papier hier was created as a Green Engine, its very existence and purpose is to fuel and fund the Mama - Adama life project. In short, We donate 80 percent of all profits to a non profit charitable movement that helps enrich all walks of life.

Mama - Adama  (Mother earth) offers an alternative and self sustainable path to well being and happiness. A place of nature and natural healing that leans heavily on developing life's potentials.

All lives matter.

Our latest initiative helps children with special needs save abused animals lives from the meat industry through pure nurture, love and care. Providing them with a shelter and their own right to enjoy life.

A collective project in which anyone can help. We find certainty in that this life is to be shared with no one watching from the sidelines.

Participate in and share in all life, we are all here together and when the time comes, we would have liked to leave the earth growing as it should.


We invite you to share in the Mama - Adama project!

There are so many ways in which to be involved.

Our base in Portugal is in need of volunteers to work together with children with special needs and rescued animals. We need yoga teachers, construction workers and chefs,

We are certain that we can work with anyone who values life regardless of age, gender, nationality and other trivial insignificance.

“Papier hier” in Amsterdam is also looking for volunteers in the shop and people to help us spread our message. Feel free to pass by the shop and meet us in person even if it's just to say hi !,

helping comes from the heart a very thought is a contribution in itself


Our primary focus it to raise the funds needed to develop the mama adama life project. If you spend money at our paper shop then we will pass this money on for the enrichment of something non financial. Life in the big city swallows up time, don't be afraid that you can't commit much of yours, you are your timekeeper and it's on your watch that we can make things happen together


If you would like to get involved please check our website

Alternatively, you can find our crowdfunding page here

Sharing can be enjoyed in many ways. Simply sharing this message is a big contribution.